The underground experience

At Underground you’ll feel completely isolated from the outside world. Which is a good thing. Leave the day (or night) behind and join one of their intense workouts. Boxing? HIIT? You name it. And we didn’t even talk about their bunker yet… Think: dimmed lights, loud music and no mirrors (thank God!). And afterwards? You can hang at the bar in their café. Or eat some breakfast in the seating area. Or open your laptop to do some work. It’s up to you.

Train stations workout

Our favorite workout at Underground? Train stations. This diverse full body workout – focused on strength, technique and fitness – is available every day between 17.15 and 19.45 o’clock. Every 5 minutes you can board at a random ‘station’. Walk all stations for a top 45-minute workout. Less time? No problem, you just offboard somewhere before the final station. Who knew catching the train could be this fun?

Note: don’t forget to sign up for a specific time to start via the OneFit app.

Underground cafe