Fitness Avenue; sky high in multiple ways

A big congratulations to Fitness Avenue! Yeah, we understand why this is the winner. Because who doesn’t like to step inside this stylish building (New Babylon) in the skyline of The Hague? Besides that, it’s right above Central Station. Convenient! And we didn’t even mention their smoothie bar yet. Anyway, of course it is all about their workouts after all. And oh, how we love them. We’ve listed our three favourites for you, in case you’ve never been here or done these before!

Ehh.. what? First of all, let us tell you that this workout is just awesome. Why? Because it’s an up-tempo workout in which you alternate at high speed between different kinds of Pilates, boxing and dancing exercises. We mean; where can you do those kinds of things within one workout? That’s right. Here!

2. Bodypump
There it is. The good old Podypump workout. You love it or you hate it. Well, we bet you’ll think it’s just awesome at Fitness Avenue. Work hard, play hard.

3. Bodybalance
Yet another awesome workout in which they combine different types of sports. Bodybalance is a yoga-based class, but embraces elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Good for body ánd mind!

They (and you?) love it

To top it off, here are some enthusiastic reviews from fellow OneFitters about Fitness Avenue. Not to be all sentimental, but it just makes us all happy, you know.

  • “Great class, great instructors, clean facility, and good location.”
  • “Best gym there is!”
  • “Energetic class with an even more energetic trainer. Great 30 min full on, satisfied as if you have trained for an hour. Awesome.”
  • “Challenging, fun, well taught.”
  • “In a beautiful fitness center, a swift and enjoyable Zumba lesson. Great latin, afro, actual music for an up tempo workout. Loved it!”