Balanzs; your yoga go-to

With two beautiful locations (seriously, totally Instagram proof) and just about all yoga styles that you can think of on their schedule, we totally understand that your most popular OneFit location in Rotterdam is Balanzs. Are you thinking: “Hey, why haven’t I been here before?” Well, we can’t answer that one for you. However, we cán tell you about our three favourite workouts at Balansz, so you’ll be prepared for your first Balansz workout next week.

1. Acro yoga
Everything’s possible here. A lot of handstands, massage techniques (for real, this is part of the workout as well) and acrobatics. As well as building strength and flexibility with your partner. Which you don’t have to bring yourself. But you can, of course.

2. Sunday evening yoga
Nothing beats a relaxing yoga session on Sunday to end the weekend all zen. This workout includes a more restorative and gentle style of yoga. Meditation and breathing exercises included. Falling asleep won’t be a problem after this one. Do it at home, please.

3. Vinyasa flow on beatsz
Yet another cool Balanzs workout. This vinyasa workout is performed not only on the rhythm of your breath, but on music as well. You’ll do it in a room that’s heated up to 28-32 degrees, so that your muscles are soft and relaxed. Which we think is super chill anyway, now that it’s officially winter.

Positive vibes only

We’ve seen nothing but happy faces leaving the Balanzs studios so far. Fortunately, these guys share their enthusiasm through our app. A small selection from their positive reviews:

  • “Very pleasant vibe. Could join last minute. Teachers so far are very nice. Their English is great.”
  • “Super nice workout in a beautiful room.”
  • “Great good morning vinyasa by Lynn. Very friendly yoga teacher with positive vibes.”
  • “Super teacher, wonderful class. Nice combination of technique, strength and working together.”
  • “Challenging class. Great teacher. Easy to follow as a beginner.”

Balansz, congratzs!