Our favourite Studio 191 West workouts

That Studio 191 West won is actually not that surprising to us – even though it only opened its doors in February this year.  It’s all because you can follow all kinds of workouts here. From slow flow yoga to Barre and power Pilates to HIIT. No wonder we meet both spiritual yogis as well as fitgirls (and boys) here. For those who have never been to Studio 191 before – or haven’t tried all of the workouts yet – we have collected our favourites here.

1. Barre flow
This workout combines exercises from their original Barre 191 class with vinyasa flow yoga asanas (postures). Love flowing yoga and hardcore Barre? Then this combination is the one for you.

2. Core concepts
This workout, which is completely focused on your abs, is your toughest Pilates training ever. But it’s super playful as well, so we’re sure you’ll survive. To manage the expectations; you will feel (and use) all your abdominal muscles. Yep, all of ’em.

3. Surf yoga
During this workout you’ll be set in a warm room on specialised surf boards made of wood and cork. COOL. You’ll explore and play with your body’s balance control systems by using your own body weight. No need to be a surfer for this one. Win.

Good, good vibes

In case you still don’t overflow with enthusiasm for Studio 191 West, here are some positive reviews of OneFitters that we encountered about this location:

  • “Loved it! Most intense Barre workout out there. Spaghetti legs today, buns of steel tomorrow.”
  • “Amazing class, fantastic teacher!”
  • “This is by far the most gracious teacher I have ever seen.”
  • “Really welcoming studio. The teacher explains the process and what to focus on at the beginning for first-timers.”
  • “Sanne’s class was amazing: the flow, her Barre exercises and her energy make time fly!”

Studio 191, congrats!

Studio 191 west