With OneFit, you can restart your routine, do workouts that relax your muscles ánd take classes that prevent injuries, all with one membership.

After a longer period of rest, your muscles and joints are more susceptible to injury and it’s important to put them to work again in a good way. You’ll want to prevent overloading, so we recommend the following workouts to get you started.

1. Freezing / Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a concept that exposes the body to extreme cold in a very short time. A therapy that’s very good for your body: it boosts your immune system, reduces complaints such as muscle pain and injuries and gives your body an epic boost in general.

So when you need a boost or are about to pick up your routine again, check in at Dr. Freeze Cryotherapy in Utrecht or Freezlab in Amsterdam and see for yourself!

2. Yoga + Hot Yoga

It’s no surprise that yoga is good for your posture, muscles and core strength. As one of the most practised sports at OneFit, yoga is great for muscle building and maintenance, but additionally, you can also prevent or remedy complaints and injuries with certain yoga styles.

Do quieter yoga classes in which the poses are held a little longer for deep relaxation and easing of your muscles for example. With OneFit you can create your own practice from all the yoga categories in many different places. Balanzs, with their large offer, can for example be found in three cities: Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect middle ground if you like to do cardio and build muscle, but don’t want to put too much strain on your joints. By moving and floating in the water, a lot of pressure is taken off your body and you can train your body in a responsible way. With OneFit you can swim laps in almost every city!

4. Stretching and mobility

Your OneFit schedule offers many mobility and stretching classes. These are perfect for anyone who would like to become more flexible. In addition, they help prevent injuries. The more flexible your muscles are, the less susceptible they are to complaints the moment they are put under pressure.

In The Hague, Sky Health the BOX offers stretch/mobility classes that focus on deep stretches to get your body ready for various CrossFit exercises.

5. Pilates

A sport that should not be missing from your workout routine if you want to (develop) strong muscles and flexible joints. Pilates has been a proven success for years when it comes to shaping and keeping your muscles flexible. Especially your core is strengthened when you do Pilates regularly, something that helps tremendously in preventing back pain and maintaining good posture.

Studio 9 Pilates in Amsterdam or iPilates in Rotterdam are wonderful studios where you can try a class with OneFit or pick up your Pilates routine.

Stay fit, stay healthy.