When we look back at 2020, we know one thing for sure: there has been a big shift from off- to online workouts because of the pandemic and two lockdowns. Not everyone would choose online as their first choice, but it’s the best way to stay fit during these times!

Are you looking for inspiration or are you thinking ‘heck, I really don’t know what’s out there’, then read on. We’ve listed the most popular online workouts down below, based on check-ins during the lockdown!

1. Yoga

The most loved workout out there: yoga. With 28.9% also the online workout with the most check-ins via the app. And we get why: it’s super easy to do at home, all you need is a mat mostly. It’s accessible for everyone and a great way to start your day or wind down after a busy one.

2. Barre

Super easy to do at home at the kitchen countertop or with a chair: Barre is in second place with 17.8% check-ins and that’s no surprise. It’s a workout for the whole lower body and will guarantee results over time. No wonder it has been gaining popularity over the last years.


For everyone that’s looking for good results in a short time, high-intensity workouts are the solution. Get your heart rate up within seconds and charge up on energy in only 45 minutes. Burn calories and gain fitness: with 17.5% of all check-ins, you guys love a good HIIT workout. Also great to do outdoors, just stream it via your phone!

4. Yin yoga

A slow form of yoga, Yin yoga is a great way to really relax. The asanas (poses) are held for a longer time and breathwork is a big part of it. Popular with 12.6% of the check-ins. Probably, because it’s such a relaxing way to zone out on a stressful day or to start off in the right mindset.

5. Pilates

Train your core and it will relieve your back pains: one of the many perks a regular Pilates practice brings you. Pilates can be done at home without any props, which is why it resides at 4% of all check-ins. Super good for your body, it strengthens your core and helps with your posture.

Are you in the dark about your next online workout or in need of some inspiration? Do check out this blog post about all our special classes that are scheduled – there are some cool Club Specials coming up!

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