Surf skills to the max

This one’s for enthusiastic surfers that want to work on their skills, but not at sea for a change. Basic level wave surfing – surfing the green wave down the line – is required for this workout. Experienced surf coach Joost drills your core, strength, balance, mobility and surfing condition. Of course, your surfing technique will also be discussed. And all of that happens in a warm and cosy room with a lovely group of surfers. Small side note: sometimes a part of this workout will be at the boulevard, so don’t forget a warm sweater.

It’s all right to stay inside

Gezond aan zee Outdoor (GaZO) is an outdoor sports club that is part of health centre Gezond aan Zee in the harbour of Scheveningen. With GaZO you can work out in the dunes, on the beach and at the sea of Scheveningen. Awesome, all those heroes that train outside during those cold winter days. But luckily, they do understand that sometimes you just want to stay in. Hey, it’s all right. You don’t have to be a shark all day, every day.