1. Move your swim workout indoors

For all you avid swimmers: the outdoor pools are closing, but not to worry! With OneFit, you can swim some indoor miles in almost every city. At Switch Workout in Amsterdam, you can even try out Aqua HIIT, Float Yoga or Aqua Bootcamp. So that water rat in you can get loose even in the cold months.

2. Go for a lunch workout

Don’t like to work out in the dark (outdoors)? Then why not do a workout during lunch: getting out in the afternoon and killing it for 45 minutes can give you the energy you need to keep going for the rest of your (working) day and you don’t have to get out in the dark. Or relax between your meetings with a quiet yoga class, like at Studio Bondi in The Hague.

3. Bootcamp fan? These indoor workouts are the best alternatives!

If you, like many, love a good, intense boot camp and bike to the park for it, we have good news. OneFit offers bootcamps, circuit workouts and HIIT classes indoors in autumn and winter.

BEAT81 has opened two indoor gyms in Amsterdam so that you can do their famous HIIT classes even in bad weather. And for the really tough ones, there are still outdoor classes in the OneFit app in the colder months, such as at HIGH OUTDOOR in Utrecht and Rotterdam.

4. It’s getting hot in here

As the days get shorter the temperatures drop, so who doesn’t love to dive into the sauna or take a nice hot yoga class. At Equal Yoga in Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam you can do hot classes in all styles, which will not only give you a great practice, but your body also benefits from it.

5. For the runners: indoor run training

Nothing is better than a run in the fresh air while the sun rises or the city is still sleeping. But even in bad weather, you want to keep training and with OneFit you can. Many gyms offer running training indoors, on the well-known treadmill. Of course, you can always book an open training session and do your own training.

You also do a lot of high-intensity workouts in which treadmill training and fitness are covered a lot. The Workout Lab in Amsterdam, for example, offers Hit & Run workouts. Sweat and Joy guaranteed.