His OneFit Presents: The Zone with Rens workouts are super popular. Every week, OneFitters are in for a lot of Sweat and Joy during his classes in Het Sieraad. His always happy energy and brick-hard discipline make every workout an experience.

You’ll get to know him better in this blog post; he’ll tell you more about himself and his passion: sports. Read on!

Introduce yourself: tell us more about Rens

“During my studies of Applied Psychology, it dawned on me that I really just want to help others and make my time here on earth worthwhile. I’ve worked with suicidal people, something that’s hard but thankful work. I’ve also worked with obese kids from disadvantaged families to guide them to a healthier and more confident lifestyle in which they learn to move more.

As a child, I’ve never had anything that I lacked and I now see what kind of privilege that has been. My parents taught me important values in life and I’ve learned to enjoy all things in life – big or small. Next to that, I have two amazing sisters that make me a super proud big brother!”

Wow, you’re positive! How did you translate this to your sports career?

“Iโ€™ve always been into sports & motivating people, but started working in this business for a relatively short time. At the end of 2017, I was in a bad place, mentally, and decided to stop working as a project manager. At the same time I was following one of my dreams: being a certified personal trainer.

When I got my diploma in March 2018 I decided to be my own boss and I started this new career! From there on everything went very naturally and quickly. I already knew a lot of people in the business and I got a lot of phone calls from people who wanted to work with me. For that, Iโ€™m really grateful. And now weโ€™re here :)”.

Cool! So that’s how The Zone with Rens started?

“For me, being in The Zone is the state in which you are at the moment you know what’s important for you and the moment you get energy from the things you do. I’m in the Zone when I teach, for example. And when I teach, I not only have people push their boundaries, but I also encourage them to look inside themselves. We often start with a breathing exercise for example. People often come rushing into class, late and stressed from work, only to stress themselves (their bodies) more. I’ll try to get them into the moment. A small moment for themselves before they ‘have to’ again.

Sometimes during warming up, I’ll ask the question: “ask your neighbour what he’s looking forward to this week and why (not work-related)”. People get awkward, laugh it off, they don’t want to do it – it’s too personal. First I wanted everyone to like me and my classes. Now I want to first like it myself: inspiring people and firing them up with my own positive energy is the best feeling. And, if I can get one person more in The Zone, conscious about themselves physically and mentally, then that’s a fat bonus!”

We love it! So why do members need to try YOUR workouts?

“Do I really need to say more? Ok well, also because you’ll get right back into the club feeling with my music ever Friday night. And to learn! I’m so honored to be able to do such a thing and to get to know so many people with a big platform like OneFit, it makes me so happy.”

We’re also very happy with our collaboration ๐Ÿ˜‰ Is that what you love most about your job, working with others?

“Haha, yes that too! I’m really into personal development so that’s an important factor to me when I work with people. For some people it’s learning to move properly without any pain, for other people it’s about being in tune with themselves and the world around them. For example, wake up early, get moving while the sun comes up to reset your internal clock. Practise breathing exercises to relax or to really get into the zone.

When I notice a PT client or somebody who joins my group class is improving, that gets me really fired up! Next to that, I work a lot with young adults that have a hard time fitting into society. By coaching them and helping them to move, I want to show them that each day is a new chance to change.”

And last but not least: what’s your favorite sport?

“Oh, that’s for sure combat sports because it’s so damn hard! The speed, agility, power, coordination, it has it all. Your cardio improves enormously, as well as your mental toughness. Especially when sparring, you need to be sharp and that really gets me into the flow state. When I watch mixed material arts on television I can only respect all the hard work those fighters put into their training.

My favourite training tool is a kettlebell. Workouts are time efficient, you don’t need a lot of space and there are a lot of benefits, one of them the constantly changing centre of gravity. Your core is gonna be hella strong!”

Wanna try one of Rens’ workouts and experience his positive energy and mindset during the class? Check his schedule and see for yourself!

Stay fit, stay healthy.