Your OneFit membership is perfect for preparing yourself for – and recovering from – that festival summer. So, that means there’s exactly no need to pause your membership. How and where to find those party workouts? Read on, love. You’ll find the answers to your questions.

OneFit Runners

Go hard or go home

It’s time to get yourself in shape before sinning the sh*t out of that festival. Practice to go hard with crossfit, the non-stop jumping on the trampoline, the fistpump during a boxing workout or join the OneFit runners so you can run around the festival terrain all day without limitations. 

Amsterdam – OneFit Runners Amsterdam, CrossFit Zeeburg, Boogieland, JudyJump

Rotterdam – OneFit Runners Rotterdam, CrossFit Nultien, Compound Gym Rotterdam, Jump XL Rotterdam

Den Haag – OneFit Runners Den Haag, CrossFit Den Haag, Fightclub 070, Jump XL Den Haag

Utrecht – OneFit Runners Utrecht, KICKTHIS, Jumpsquare Nieuwegein

Dance your dance

The first step to seduce that hottie is getting your dance moves on point. Not ready yet? Don’t sweat it. At these spots only one workout is enough to have you dance the stars from the sky:

Amsterdam – Chasse Dance Studios, Dans Dansen, Salsa te Gusta

Rotterdam – DA Dance Studio, Dansschool Bellyssima

Den Haag – Dansacademie Den Haag, The Dance Factory

Utrecht РTouch̩e Dance Company, ELLADANS

Note: Did you know you can level up your singing skills at Voice Gym? From now on you’ll sing along with your fave tune instead of lip syncing to it. 

Play all day

Forgot how to play around? Time to refresh your memory, because that festival is your ultimate playground. And guess what? All you have to do is make use of your membership. Cool, right?

Amsterdam – Fun Forest, ApenkooiGym (nu ook buiten!), Gymles

Rotterdam – Fun Forest, ApenkooiGym

Den Haag – ApenkooiGym, Calisthenics United, BOK

Utrecht –  ApenkooiGym, U1 Obstacles

Preheat yourself

Being outside in the sun all day is hard work, no matter what they say. Warm your body up a little with a hot yoga class at one of these venues: 

Amsterdam – Movements Yoga, Hot Flow Yoga Amsterdam

Rotterdam – Hot Yoga Place

Den Haag – Bikram Yoga Den Haag

Utrecht – Yoga Moves Hot

The afterparty

No matter what; you’re not suffering from Blue Tuesday this time. You’ll beat it easily at the venues below: 

Amsterdam – Wellcome Wellness Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam, MOON

Rotterdam – Zen by Nature