The Summer Olympics have officially started in Tokyo. So it’s time to cheer on the athletes from the couch… or to go out there and do it yourself! Discover new sports and the diversity of OneFit this summer and make it a sporty season at home or on vacation.

Get inspired in this blog and discover new workouts. Have you ever tried to climb or stood on a skateboard? Now is the time!

These sports are new in Tokyo this year

Besides the familiar sports that provide a lot of excitement each time, this year four new sports joined the Olympics in Tokyo: Karate, climbing, skateboarding and surfing. How cool that these athletes get to join and are able to compete at the biggest sports event in the world.

We hear you thinking: that sounds interesting! And we have good news because you don’t have to go to Tokyo to discover for yourself how much fun these sports are. Read on!

Channel your inner Karate Kid

An ancient sport that you probably already know: Karate-Do. The sport is represented at the Summer Olympics for the first time this year. The martial art originated on the Ryukyu Islands, including the island of Okinawa – Japan! So it’s only fitting that Karate is one of the new disciplines this year.

For those who are staying at home but want to try Karate for themselves, we have good news. With OneFit you discover Karate and other Martial Arts very easily: find a workout in the app and go! Universitair Sportcentrum Leiden is an example of a partner location where you can practice Karate-Do.

Climb your way up

A sport that’s loved by many: climbing and bouldering. At OneFit we’ve seen a big increase in climbing workouts and bouldering fans the recent years. And we understand why: the puzzling, the challenge for your body and mind and the social aspect make the sport really attractive.

One of the reasons probably why (competition) climbing is represented in Tokyo this year: the challenge for body and mind. And you can try it too! Go to Boulderhal Walhalla in Den Haag and find yourself in a true climbing paradise.

Skateboarding – for the cool kids

No, actually for everyone! Skateboarding is popular among young and old and a real urban sport. Just walk around a city and you’ll always find a skate track somewhere.

The popularity has spilt over to the Summer Olympics and skateboarding is also an official discipline in Japan for the first time this year. How cool! Follow it live and get inspired: with OneFit you can for example learn skateboarding at Pier 15 Skatepark in Breda.

Catching waves

Also a newcomer to Tokyo this year, but certainly not an unknown sport: surfing! In the ’50s the sport had a big peak and it’s now impossible to imagine the world of water sports without it.

Take the summer and discover surfing in the Netherlands: with OneFit you can go to The Hague (duh) and the beach in Scheveningen, Rotterdam and Haarlem. Have you ever tried a surf lesson at Aloha Surf for example? Now is your chance!

Explore more!

With OneFit you can discover many more sports and workouts this summer of course. That’s what OneFit is: work out where and whenever you want and try out many (new) things! Every workout is different and you can fill in your schedule the way you want to. Sweat and Joy!

Stay fit, stay healthy.