That’s great news for you: you’ll get access to even more workouts in the future and soon you’ll be able to check-in at more than 10.000 locations in 62 cities in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. Ideal for during your holiday, a city trip or business trip.

If we have an update about this, we’ll notify you right away.

Your OneFit membership

In the Netherlands and Spain, you can continue to use your OneFit membership just like you are doing right now and still do all the workouts you’re used to by booking a class and checking in via our app. 

In Germany, OneFit will continue as Urban Sports Club. We will update members on when and how that will happen later.

A few more words by our founders

“Dear OneFit members,

7 years ago, we decided that we wanted to make it a lot easier and more fun for people to work out. We drove across the country in a cheap second hand car to find gyms and studios who wanted to join us on our mission to create a healthier planet. 

Back then, this was easier said than done cause gyms were still quite hesitant to collaborate with a digital platform. Luckily we received the trust of some innovative fitness entrepreneurs and a few months later, OneFit was born. 

The first years were extremely tough and we had to reinvent OneFit many times. We started as a PrePaid Fitness company selling pay-per-visit workouts across the Netherlands. Today, we’re a successful subscription-based technology company that serves the needs of individual athletes as well as gyms and studios across Europe.  

Health and fitness is now one of the fastest growing industries. The market is evolving rapidly with many boutique fitness concepts popping up, the exploding popularity of yoga and Pilates and indoor cycling studios. The mentality of the fitness customer has also changed over the last years, looking for variety and flexibility to keep boredom at bay. 

We’re not alone in our journey to grow from a small, scrappy startup to a serious international fitness platform helping people to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. One of the biggest European based fitness aggregators has been Urban Sports Club from Berlin. Like us, they started very small but today are active in 5 European countries with over 7.000 gyms and studios. 

But it’s people who make a company. After many talks, video conferences, cups of coffee and a few beers we found that we had the same passion, ambition and mindset as the two founders of Urban Sports Club (Benjamin & Moritz) to bring the joy of working out to even a broader audience across Europe. 

As companies and communities, OneFit and Urban Sports Club are cut from the same cloth. And so, as our industry reaches a new stage in its growth, it made a lot of sense to come together. Together, we’re stronger. The fit is perfect.

At the same time, the OneFit brand and product will remain the same. We’ll continue to select the best workouts in town and invest heavily in creating the best in app experience.

We are thrilled to join forces with USC.

Serge and Camille, founders of OneFit.”

Serge, Benjamin, Camille and Moritz