COVID-19 has been difficult to navigate. The good news is, however, that the situation is slowly improving. Additionally, businesses are beginning to return to their previous office operations, and thus we have many logistical questions over how we can safely sail our ships through the mist. How can we make this safe for everyone? How can our employees trust that they will be okay? Will they even want to come back?

Whilst we’re busy ensuring everything is running smoothly, we can easily overlook the social, emotional and mental needs of our most valued asset: our employees. 

Society made cuts and changes to everything as we comfortably knew it. Now that many of these restrictions are being lifted, we’re understandably cautious to return to ‘normal’. The process of returning to office is, for many of us, a slow transition alone.

Creating a healthy work-life balance with plenty of time to move your body is now paramount. A healthy workforce is a resilient, motivated and engaged one, and OneFit for Business is a corporate fitness and wellness program offered in favour of your workforce. 

OneFit for Business is a flexible program that will empower your employees to find their own solid ground in an uncertain and unstable time with a diverse and versatile fitness routine. This is made possible through the choice of thousands of different in-person, at-location or live streamed workouts.

1. Shouldn’t re-establishing company processes and communications be a priority over organizing employee benefits right now?  

Today we require watertight plans and impregnable communication strategies, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and ready to steam ahead. These are your priorities and whilst they can provide your employees with a sense of stability, they do not exclusively provide employee benefits or empower your workforce to adjust to the new environment in their own way.

You can’t transition your business processes without addressing how your employees transition to these. 

OneFit for Business can exclusively help foster your employee’s physical and mental health during the transition.

Put wellbeing at the forefront of your transition plan. Your workforce are looking for signs of consistency in how you are approaching supporting them. 

2. Why is it important to focus on and invest in employer branding now? 

Intention without action is nothing. Your employer brand is, at it’s very root, a dedication you make to your employees about how you value them. It’s designed to build camaraderie, boost engagement and motivation and above all, retain company satisfaction levels.

Therefore, now is the best time to reinforce the commitment you made to your employees. In an unpredictable future, actions speak louder than words; here is your opportunity to support and encourage your most valued asset whilst times are tough.

According to research from Harvard Business Review, providing psychological support to your colleagues goes a long way in keeping them resilient and optimistic.

Team spirit, morale, wellbeing and productivity; little sparks of spirit prevent burnout. By providing your workforce with a myriad of mental and physical health options, you empower them to take responsibility for their well-being.

3. Why are online fitness courses the right benefit option for supporting my workforce’s good mental health?

We are all affected by mental health. By offering OneFit for Business, you offer a benefits program that caters and appeals to each of your employee’s unique situations. Some of your workforce will relieve their stress through a kickboxing class whilst others will seek a centering yoga class or a meditation workshop.

Our program offers you the full range of fitness options including exercise and mindfulness classes. This approach empowers the employee to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing in their own time whilst relieving the company of the administrative work; you’ll save an average of 18% on your social employer expenses.

These programs keep your team healthy; you’ll also see improvements in employee productivity, stress, and absenteeism.

We champion our program’s feature that allows people to attend classes together. Human beings need connection – that’s a fact! Exercising in a group keeps team members committed and motivated. The “village effect” increases immunity, satisfaction and team morale!

4. How easy is it for our employees to transition between offline and online classes with the OneFit for Business program?

With OneFit for Business, every one of your employees will be able to switch seamlessly between online and offline classes within the app. Our program provides thousands of different classes to choose from, ranging from HIIT to yoga to paddleboard; even regular football matches. 

Some may be eager to return to the gym whilst others may prefer to take an online yoga class in the comfort of their living room; either way, they’ll always have the choice. Our diverse, flexible corporate program is designed to take each of your employee’s unique approach to staying healthy into account.

5. Why are your employees your biggest asset during this transition period?

In years to come, people will ask how you steered your ship to success through the challenging time that was the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of hardship, your employees will remember how you put your company culture at the heart of your business and how you created a long-lasting, positive impression of value and appreciation. Details are often forgotten, but people always remember how you make them feel.

Your workforce’s loyalty, institutional knowledge and familiarity is invaluable during this time. The talent, engagement and motivation of your employees will define, in years to come, how you navigated this transition.

6. What if I don’t want to commit to anything long-term right now? 

How can you make a commitment when you don’t know what the situation will look like in 3 months?

The OneFit for Business mantra is ‘flexibility’. Free of contracts or long-term commitments, your employees enjoy flexibility of choosing their method of stress release that works for them, anytime and anywhere. They could choose to attend a class outdoors, workout in the gym or take an online course in their living room. Whatever works for them. Whatever makes them the most comfortable. 

Please contact us to learn how we can customize a plan specifically for your business.

More about OneFit for Business

OneFit works with companies to empower their employees to stay healthy. We do this through access to thousands of live online courses as well as physical gyms and fitness centers. In addition to classic fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates and HIIT, many of the classes we offer are designed to help people reduce stress and maintain inner equilibrium. We look forward to working with you.