Indoor & outdoor workouts

We find De Bunk’r a very cool location. Here’s one reason why: you can join so many workouts that you even grow muscles with just the thought of it. For example: power workout, kettlebell workout, killer body, strength & fitness, tabata, CrossFit and Bunk’r boxing (in the eye catcher of the gym, the Olympic boxing ring). But it gets even better. De Bunk’r has created an awesome outdoor terrain from scratch. The result: a serious obstacle course to go all the way…

Obstacle training

It probably won’t surprise you that our fave workout here is the obstacle training. At the obstacle course you’ll find 25 obstacles that you encounter in runs as Strong Viking or Mud Masters. The ‘Bunk’r obstacle experts’ teach you to safely overpower the obstacles. No worries, it is an all level workout. But it’s outdoor, remember, so no whining about the temperature. We’ve warned you. But hey, if you have done this, you may brag about it to your friends. All of ’em. Deal? Let’s start right away: book your spot for this weekend!

De Bunk'r - obstacle training outdoor