You’re probably not gonna notice a whole lot of it, but wouldn’t it come in handy to know what to do when faced with a OneFit crisis? Below you’ll find a short description of our new rules including what to do when you accidentally failed to follow them. 

Reminder: these are the rules

In short, it all comes down to this: once you reserved a spot at your favourite workout, we expect you to actually go there. When you don’t cancel a class and still miss it, a €10,- no-show fee applies. 

Troubleshooting with OneFit

We know you’re colouring inside the OneFit lines, but faith has a mind of its own sometimes. What should you do when things don’t go according to plan? Let’s take a look at the top 3 troubles you may encounter with OneFit and how to act in each situation. 

Problem #1: Help, I can’t check in!

Oh no! How annoying. Please provide us with some proof that you did attend the class. You can do so by trying to check in one more time. Even though it looks like it isn’t working, your activity is still being registered. This counts as proof of attendance. 

Want to be sure? We love us some selfies and Insta Stories. Not ready for a post-workout selfie yet? Alright, alright. A screenshot of your current location works too. 

Note: make sure you go to class with a fully charged phone, because we can’t do anything about a dead phone unfortunately. Also be aware of the check-in window, which starts 30 minutes before your workouts and ends five minutes after the start of your class. If you are too late for a check-in, we can’t help you either.

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Problem #2: I can’t make it to class

Hmm, that sucks! Just make sure you cancel the class in time, because the spot you booked will be reserved especially for you. Most venues handle a cancellation period of eight hours. At some locations it is two though. You can always find the cancellation period during your booking and in the confirmation email.

Pro tip: turn on your notifications and get a reminder 30 minutes before your cancellation is due. Still didn’t make it on time? Then a €10,- no-show fee applies.

Problem #3: I didn’t pause my membership (on time)

What a bummer! Lucky you, we’re very flexible and you only have to pause your membership ten days before your current period ends. In case you didn’t know this, you might wanna check if there’s still some time left? In your membership settings the app shows the last possible date to pause or stop your membership. Once you’ve paused your membership, please check if your status really says inactive.

Have more questions? Check out all frequently asked questions or contact us directly. Happy to help!