The stress of hopping from family to family to stepfamily to friends and everything in between. We’re all a little unsure about how that’s going to look this year. The ambiguity is a little strange and difficult to predict. Especially for your international employees, Christmas may be an event that is looming rather than something to look forward to. 

Secret Santa is one of those things that we don’t necessarily look forward to doing. If you have a 5-10 budget per employee, can you offer something that is meaningful? Or will it be something made of plastic that sits in the back of the cupboard? Or a voucher for a store that doesn’t quite pay the entire price?

This year, we’re inviting you to skip samey presents and offer something tangible, that will benefit your employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health; and will therefore directly influence their work in your business, too. Offer your employees company sports from OneFit for Business and show them value.

Do you know about the WKR cost scheme?

The work-related expenses scheme has been compulsory for all employers in the Netherlands since January 1st, 2015 This scheme creates a “pot” with allowances for staff outings, events, and company fitness without taxation.

With the WKR, you can spend a maximum of 1.7% (temporarily increased to 3 percent in 2020) of the taxable wage bill up to (and including) €400,000, plus 1.2% of the remainder of that bill on untaxed allowances and benefits for your employees. 

This is the so-called “Pot” of Joy. You do not pay a wage tax on this. This Pot must remain below 3% of the total wage bill of all employees. If you spend above that, you pay an 80% tax on the rest. So, suppose the total tax wage bill is €400,000, so you can spend €12,000 on untaxed allowances.

By offering OneFit for Business with our split payment option, you won’t take up space in your ‘pot’ but are still able to offer your employees something helpful. Company sports is good for healthy bodies and minds.

Studies have shown that working out is not only a boost for the immune system but also a great help for your employees’ mental health. The working from home situation takes a toll on the mental stability of employees, and staying fit and healthy helps with finding balance in this.

So why not spend some of that on an employee fitness scheme? This would be something for everyone. OneFit is a flexible fitness app that will suit the needs of every employee. One may use the app to swim twice a week. One may go kickboxing, one may prefer yoga at their local studio on weekends. Employees can invite each other. Whilst they work at your company, each workout or lesson booked with OneFit will feel like a meaningful and tangible gift.

Are you curious, want to offer OneFit for Business or plan a call? You can! Check out the website.

Stay fit, stay healthy