More is more: wear flashy colours

Among runners a well-known trick: wear bright colours and reflectors. This way you are always highly visible, especially to cars and cyclists. This makes your workout in the dark, especially if you go running on busy streets, much safer. Choose a cool outfit, get out those reflectors, go out with your most striking running shoes and have fun!

Take your buddy out for a OneFit workout

We’ve been saying it for some time already, but working out with a buddy is always more fun. Especially now that it’s harder to get up in the morning and motivation to work out is harder to find, we recommend working out together.

Invite your buddy via the app, go out together and motivate each other. Another plus is of course, that it’s also safer to do sports outdoors together. You don’t have to run alone in the dark and admit it: early in the morning, it’s also much more fun with a sports buddy!

Plan your route and choose busy roads

Don’t go out unprepared. Plan your route in advance if you are going to run and avoid, for example, quiet stretches or poorly lit roads. It is also useful if you already know the road and where you will be running. That way you avoid going to places you do not like. Are you going to walk or run? Then always walk against traffic – that way you will see oncoming traffic (and they will see you).

Safety first

Exercising alone is also nice sometimes, but during these shorter and colder days, it’s nice if someone knows where you are. So share your location with a family member, friend or roommate. This ensures that someone knows where you are and you go out more confidently. Without a phone on the road? Then let them know how long you plan to be gone, where you’re going to exercise and what you’re going to do. Good preparation is half the battle!

Stay fit, stay healthy.