…it’s easy to forget our essence every now and then.
We’re in need of a collective dose of silly, so read on to find out where you can recharge your fun batteries.

Serotonin and dopamine: technically, the only 2 things you enjoy

Laughing is healthy. When we put ourselves in situations we don’t often find ourselves in (like your first twerk lesson, for example), you can feel a little self-conscious. A healthy way to let this go is simply to laugh. We highly endorse this: it reduces your stress and anxiety. Fact! 

Our response to stressful events can also be altered through choosing to see events as threats or challenges. Humor gives us a lighthearted perspective and helps us to view events as challenges, thereby making them less threatening.

Here’s an interesting perspective: prolonged and complicated events like the global pandemic can result in society-wide lasting emotional effects. A collective effort to bring glimmers of joy into our lives is essential. It’s easily achieved through laughter and human connection; after all, we’re dying to let loose a little.
Let us help you with OneFit to make those small differences every day.

Break it down

It can be a little intimidating to start. Here’s how to get out of that comfort zone and into a possibly bizarre (but definitely laughter-inducing) situation:

  • Try something that you’d normally never make time for
  • Go with your OneFit buddy: it’s always fun to share the experience
  • Choose the workout that makes you think ‘surely not’. You’ll love it: we got you

Really not in the mood? Book a spot with your favourite teacher; that alone can be a spark of joy!

Turn that frown upside down


  • PONG: For a nice workout or just a cool Friday afternoon game with your friends. Come and get some ping pong done!
  • OneFit Presents: Shady Lady: spend an hour being thrusted (literally) back to the ’70s, 80’s and ’90s with epic Jane Fonda style moves.
  • JudyJump: TRAMPOLINING? Yes! Connect to your inner kid – you’re guaranteed tons of laughter and sore muscles for days!
  • Indoor Cliff Diving: choose between the pool or the foam bowl. First timer? It may take a while for the first dare, but it is 100% worth the adrenaline rush.
  • Dance For Your Pole: step into a new comfort zone and a new appreciation for your body!


  • Fun-n-Stuff: What more do we need to say? Get out SUPping on the water and enjoy an hour of Sweat and Joy n stuff.
  • FloatFit at Zwemcentrum Rotterdam: HIIT training on the water – the surface literally sinks from beneath you if you are not careful!
  • Jump XL: Trampoline and Joy!

Den Haag


  • SUP SUP CLUB: let’s face it, you’ll never be bored on a paddleboard. Give it a go!
  • ApenkooiGym: Run around like a kid, laugh your head off, win against your friends AND feel the burn for days later.

Haarlem + Leiden

Eindhoven + Breda

  • Boxing Gym Holzken Eindhoven: The punchbag is COVID-19, your housemate, that thing your significant other said the other day – let it out!
  • Pier 15 Skatepark Breda: forget Tony Hawk Pro Skater; switch the screen off and get out there and do it yourself!

So what are you waiting for? We out here! Try something new; close your front door behind you with a new memory. Breaking your patterns and experiencing something totally different, alone or with friends, is a sure-fire way to hustle some spark back into your life. Easy with OneFit.