Exercise is healthy and one of the most important building blocks for a strong immune system. Especially in these times, it is important to pay enough attention to it, especially as an employer. Why? A healthy and thus motivated, less stressed employee counts for two.

Corporate fitness with OneFit for Business helps to keep your company healthy and fit. It is a good way to get employees to exercise more and therefore increase productivity in the office.

In this blog, we look back at 2020: a turbulent year in which OneFit’s sports offerings became extra hybrid with a mix of off- and online classes. Below are the most popular sports practiced by OneFit for Business members in 2020.

1. Open training

By far the most check-ins last year were done for Open training, also known as “drop-in” workouts. The freedom of open training, deciding yourself how to work out in the gym and its flexibility is very popular with OneFit for Business members, taking up 17.4% of the total number of check-ins.

Open training offers a freedom that most group classes don’t: the member can choose when they want to exercise and not necessarily be tied to a time slot. Just book a time slot and go! (Disclaimer: during corona, this works slightly differently, but the flexibility remains!)

2. Yoga

The sport that is chasing open training from a glorious second place is yoga, with 16.3% of total check-ins. Not surprising really, since yoga is good for a lot of things and helps with stress-release, relaxation, and a strong mind for example.

Employees are aware of those benefits and really like to choose yoga as a workout. It’s also a very accessible sport, which makes it easy and fun to take a yoga class together with colleagues. Because of the large selection of yoga classes in the OneFit app, there’s always a workout within reach, either from the office or the home office.


High-intensity workouts are popular because you can do an incredibly effective workout in a short amount of time. HIIT workouts take up 14.7% of all check-ins in the past year. During such a class, you work on strength and conditioning at the same time. Endurance is key here!

Because such a class is extremely satisfying and involves a lot of hard work in 45 minutes, it’s a popular workout among employees. Go in and let go of a hard day’s work or refuel energy for a busy day ahead.

4. Cycling/spinning

It’s impossible to imagine today’s sports world without spinning. The spinning gyms are shooting out of the ground and there is a reason for that: during a 45-minute spinning class you give 200%. Your stamina is key here and all the major muscle groups in the body are trained at the same time. Not surprisingly, 9.6% of check-ins in 2020 were for this sport.

Yet another workout in which a maximum result can be achieved in a short period of time. Probably because it is also a great workout to do together with a OneFit buddy or in this case a colleague.

5. Barre

Especially popular amongst women: Barre. A sport that combines ballet and Pilates in an intensive class. Especially the muscles of the lower body are trained and shaped. A fun way to get a good muscle workout without prior knowledge of ballet!

Incredibly popular in 2020 and therefore in fifth place among corporate fitness members with 4.1% of check-ins. Barre is a workout that can also be easily done at home during an online class – making it approachable in many ways.

Explore OneFit for Business

Curious about corporate sports? Besides that OneFit offers these popular workouts, there is a lot more on offer for employees to stay fit and healthy. Flexibly via the app, wherever and whenever they want. To ensure yourself of fit and mentally healthy employees, contact OneFit for Business via the website or schedule a call!

Stay fit, stay healthy.