Your living room is probably also your home office, kids play and study room and maybe you even sleep in the same space. No wonder that it’s hard to get into the right vibe while practicing your online yoga class at home. Your work station at the dining table, the kids’ toys everywhere, and the coffee table at your feet don’t really help as well.

But we have the solution: some great tips on how to turn your home into your favorite yoga studio in no time! Do the most relaxing online classes with OneFit and get zen within minutes with these tips.

1. Get your candles out

Nothing gets you more into a yoga and meditation atmosphere like a lot of candles. Put them up around your yoga mat (in a safe distance of course), dim the lights and you’ll see – the candlelit room will immediately feel calmer. Candles have a relaxing effect on your mind, so that way you can let go of your everyday surroundings and really be in the moment.

Next to that, it’s also a big influence on your mood which class you pick. Online classes like Breath Discovery, Wim Hof Breathing, or Candelight yoga at for example The Conscious Club are the best if you want to wind down after a day of work or hectic.

2. The right equipment is key

Nothing is worse than a worn-out mat, a pillow that’s not supporting your back or head at all, or wide jogging pants that are in the way. So make sure that before you start your home workouts, your home equipment is on point.

Invest in small things like a good yoga met (that’ll last forever), some yoga blocks, a good yoga pillow, and so on. You’ll thank yourself later: it makes it much easier to concentrate on the class too (you don’t want to be looking for the right book to help you support yourself while being in a twisted position). Make sure you have some tea, a jumper, and a blanket for your Shavasana and you’re ready!

3. The right music = the right vibe

We all know that music works wonders. Also in yoga: the right playlist will get you a long way. So put on one of our Spotify playlists while working out (we have a great one for yoga classes), make sure you can still hear your teacher, and relax!

Get cozy with some background music while having the teacher guiding you through your practice online – it’s such a blessing to be able to feel like you’re IN the studio with them. The music helps!

4. Make the room smell nice

Have you ever walked into your favorite yoga studio and felt right at ease? That’s probably because they know the effects of calming incense and so they burn them during class. So put on the scented candle you like, burn some incense and relax. The more neutral the smell is, the more it calms your mind and you’ll be in the right mindset for a nice meditation immediately.

Next to that, burning palo santo and sage is also a great way to calm down and cleanse your mind. Yogis believe that these two components cleanse you and your surroundings, so they’re often used to burn in houses and places that need a “clean slate”.

Try one of the online classes with these tips and go for an extra calming experience with OneFit. Stay fit, stay healthy.