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You’re going outside less, see less (sun) light and can’t go to the gym after all. These probably (logically) result in less movement! And these are all things your body + immune system are not super happy with.

Less sunlight means less Vitamin D: an important ingredient for a strong immune system. Less movement and more time spent sitting (at your desk) also mean that your body produces fewer endorphins – and that increases stress, which is therefore also not amazing for your immune system. It’s commonly known that stress has a bad influence.

That’s why we have compiled an awesome list of healthy nutrients + recipes together with HelloFresh, that will help you keep your immune system strong. In addition, it makes the working from home-period just a little more comfortable – you’re welcome!


Tasty and nutritious. “New” grains are constantly being discovered as well – have you ever heard of freekeh?

Freekeh is made from cereal grains that are harvested while they are still green. They are then processed in their entirety into the freekeh in your dish – so they’re whole grain!

Did you know that quinoa is not officially a grain, but belongs to the seed family? It is a source of proteins and good fats and therefore not only tasty but also very nutritious.

Bulgur: Did you know that bulgur is made from wheat grains? They’re steamed first, then dried and finally broken. The result is a whole grain product full of fibre, iron and B vitamins. Bulgur is also rich in proteins. Read: they’re great for nutrition! Find 3 deliciously healthy recipes with bulgur below:


Beans are legumes, the seeds of the legume family that are contained in a pod. Legumes are considered a meat substitute because they are rich in proteins, B vitamins, dietary fibre, iron and other minerals. Fibre is important for a good intestinal flora and ensures that you feel full for longer. Iron plays an important role in oxygen transport in the blood and metabolism. And did you know that eating beans reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease? Beans are rich in cholesterol-lowering fibre.

  • Lentils are not only tasty and versatile, they are full of protein, iron and vitamin B. These super healthy legumes also provide carbohydrates, so there is no need to add potatoes or rice to this dish. Try them for example with haddock fillet or in a stew.
  • Black beans are healthy and a great substitute for potatoes, rice or pasta. They’re packed with fibre, protein and antioxidants and so, they’re good when your resistance can use a boost. Make a richly filled bowl and enjoy!
  • Chickpeas: vegetables that are packed with protein, making them a favorite and nutritious ingredient in vegetarian dishes like this one: brown tortillas with chickpeas and feta.
Leafy greens

Eating lots of vegetables is now more important than ever! Leafy greens, such as kale, spinach or Swiss chard, all have a positive impact on your health and functioning of your brain. So if you want to increase your concentration, treat your brain to a green lunch or drink a green smoothie.

Oily fish

The good fats found in fish like salmon, tuna or mackerel are omega-3 fatty acids – important for a healthy brain and your overall well-being. Research shows that these good fats help increase concentration and thinking ability.

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Stay fit, stay healthy.