Why did you collaborate with OneFit in the first place?

“After 3 years of teaching yoga in my living room, I decided to open a dedicated yoga, movement and lifestyle studio. It was at the end of 2016 when Studio 191 opened and I spent so long searching for the right location in De Pijp. My previous home studio had attracted a lovely array of students who liked the cosy vibes so when I opened a much larger studio in De Pijp, I knew I needed to create the same vibe; I opened the studio two weeks earlier than planned and welcomed the new neighbourhood with two weeks of free classes. It was a big hit, luckily!”

“OneFit helped me getting the studio off the ground”

“I already knew about OneFit and its member base so it was an easy decision to collaborate with OneFit. Through OneFit, I had access to a lot of students and it gave me a helping hand in getting the studio off the ground. It’s one of the best marketing decisions I could have made because OneFit really exposed my new studio.”

From the moment OneFitters are coming in, you have to ensure repeat visits. How do you do it?

“I renew our class schedule frequently, keeping it fresh – I think this helps. We also offer really fun, great quality, effective classes. But even more: I believe in creating a community. I have felt somehow excluded at gyms and studios in previous times so creating an inclusive community that welcomes everyone was really high in my priorities. We don’t differentiate between our own members and OneFit visitors. Everyone gets the same experience because we want everyone to feel welcome and accepted. I want Studio 191 to be a place where people have fun, surprise themselves and find unexpected support if they’re going through shit times. Yes, we sell workouts but surely that isn’t the only thing we have to offer.”

“How does Studio 191 ensure repeat visits? We try our best to make everyone feel welcome and accepted”

For about 2 and a half years, Studio 191 and OneFit have been collaborating. What’s your overall experience?

“Our collaboration sometimes is a rollercoaster. That’s what happens when you’re both relatively young businesses. It might not always run smoothly because of a technical issue for example. Though, the level we’re at is impressive. OneFit does a great job to keep evolving and that’s seen and appreciated.”

Do you think we are competitors when it comes to attracting new members?

“No. OneFit is made for the people that need a variety of classes and want to workout at a range of different places. Studio 191 attracts the people that want lots of classes under one roof.”

“My studio had become so popular that I had to choose: end my partnership with OneFit or go for growth”

A year ago, you had an important decision to make…

“Well, the studio had become so popular that I had to choose: end my partnership with OneFit and keep my own members and memberships… or go for growth. So I opened a second studio in Amsterdam West last February. It was never the plan to open multiple studios – in fact, I named Studio191 after the house number of the studio in De Pijp. Although, with the demand from students being so high, it would have been stupid to not choose for growth.”

Is your studio in West as popular as the location in De Pijp?

“Absolutely. Before the opening of our West studio, we informed our members and OneFitters when they attended classes that a new location would open but really that was the most marketing that we did – minus a few Instagram posts. I believe that when you create a community, people will do a lot of marketing for you. They bring friends, they tell friends. That’s why I believe Studio 191 will keep growing if we continue to give people a good time, and so does OneFit. And when OneFit grows, we’ll grow as well. So that’s all good.”