Dreams dó come true! The extremely popular High Studios has opened a third location. With this new gem on the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam Zuid, High Studios has really taken over our city. In a good way, fortunately.

HIIT it!

Are you not familiar with the concept of High Studios yet? We will keep it short; in all of the HIIT workouts that they offer here (and there are more than 40 every week) you burn up to a 1000 calories. For real. What such a full body workout looks like? Amongst others you’ll run on the treadmill, do some strength exercises, box jumps, planks, burpees and jumping squats. Many. Challenging? Hell yeah.

What’s new?

The new High Studios location in the heart of Amsterdam Zuid offers the same experience as the other two locations (Jordaan and Plantage); it makes you feel like you’re in a disco rather than a gym. But the location on the Beethovenstraat emphasizes that group feeling even more, because the layout of the room is slightly different. They also have an enormous garden where you can chill this summer with your OneFit buddy and a post class protein shake. Yes!

High Studios Zuid