Run, lift, jump

All workouts at High Studios are HIIT (High Intensity) en contain exercises that increase your metabolism. Your body will burn calories even hours after the workout ended. Indeed, we were quite serious about those thousand calories. Running on the treadmill (the one without power, you know) is one of exercises that’s always included and besides that you’ll do exercises focussing on strength. All of this is divided over several rounds.

Awesomeness overload

We can’t deny it: working out at High Studios is awesome. Both locations – Jordaan & Plantage – look very cool (think: lots of black and neon lights). You’ll work out while listening to music, in a room that makes you feel like you’re in a disco rather than in a gym. Not moving = not an option. And on top of that you’ll find other amazing extra’s here, like Zenology care products.


You haven’t even started your first workout at High Studios and here we are with yet another nice fact: in January they will open their third location, in Amsterdam Zuid. Yeah, High Studios is taking over the city – like it’s no biggie. But don’t forget to visit their locations in The Jordaan or East at least once (or better, once a week)!

Treadmill High Studios