The art of self-defence

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art in which self-defence is the central theme. ‘Well, what is Wushu then?’, you might think. Wushu is the collective term for several Asian martial arts, which includes Kung Fu. Why you should definitely go for a Kung Fu workout? If you do it regularly, you will notice improvements on all different kind of aspects. Your endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, focus and balance amongst others. And admittedly, it sounds pretty cool when you say Kung Fu is ‘your thing’. Don’t get hot-brained right away. Kung Fu requires a lot of dedication, discipline, self-control and self-knowledge. Fortunately, Niek is around to help you.

Kung Fu master

We are – not so secretly – a bit impressed by Niek; the owner (and teacher) of Yunde Wushu. He learned this type of martial art from Chinese Kung Fu masters (shifu’s), is a judge at various championships and assists the Dutch coach of the national Wushu team. Exactly, you do not want to get into a fight with this one. Fortunately, Niek is incredibly nice. For real. And with Yunde Wushu he wants to contribute to the social goals of health and integration through Chinese culture and material arts. How awesome is that?