From rope jumping to Dance Aerobics (just like Shady Lady) and from gymnastics to strength training, these are the trends that are completely taking over TikTok and Instagram right now.

More than fun: Rope Skipping

With over 130,000 searches on TikTok and as trending hashtag on Instagram, rope skipping is one of the most popular workouts on socials right now. And it’s not just rope skipping: this full-body workout with training for all major muscle groups is versatile!

For example, train your calves and thighs with so-called “Lunge Jumps” or “Squat Jumps”. Challenge your arms with a “double thrust” – a real burner. In addition, it’s also a good workout for your brain, because it tests your ability to react. And, plus: you can do it anywhere!

Party on a bike: Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the most popular workouts among OneFitters and we understand why. This fitness hit from the 80’s has travelled time. Spinning, now also called “Indoor Cycling”, was as popular then as it is now and has a true addiction factor.

With this challenging workout, your entire cardiovascular system is trained simultaneously and you kick your daily troubles right out of those legs. While cycling to matching beats, the workouts are for all levels: you can set the intensity of your workout on the bike yourself. With more than 80 million searches on TikTok and 1 million hashtags on Instagram, it’s a real online hit and you can go to many places for a good cycling class.

Check in at Rocycle in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht or WattCycling in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden or Breda and get a great workout on your bike!

Let’s hang: workouts with rings

Originally used mainly by gymnasts, rings are now also widely used in strength workouts and for climbing workouts. This well-known sports accessory is not only good for building strength, but also your body coordination, stability and posture benefit from it.

And not only that: besides back and arms, you also train your core, bum and legs. A complete full body workout. The many benefits of the gymnastics rings have created a real fitness trend: first only among sports nerds, then also on social media with 4,500,000 searches on TikTok and 80,000 hashtags on Instagram. Time to try it out, for example at Reebok CrossFit 020, Kracht Amsterdam or Powerbox Amsterdam.

A real hit: Dance Fitness

The iconic Aerobic Dance outfits from the 1980s have unfortunately didn’t make a comeback (yet), but dancing and dance fitness has become all the more popular. No surprise that, with over 117 million searches on TikTok, it’s trending right now.

You can try it out anywhere, whether it’s with an online class from home or at one of the OneFit locations around you: this trend is accessible everwhere!

Fit and cool: bodyweight training

Over the past year, athletes have become resourceful and creative. Whether in your own four walls or in the park, the challenge was to get the most efficient workout possible with the least amount of equipment. On social media, especially for sports trainers and fitness instructors, this was a stepping stone to putting together good workouts using your own body weight or a very scarce number of props.

Currently, the trend is still hot with 2,700,000 hashtags on Instagram and a whopping 21,400,000 searches on TikTok. Not surprising either, since bodyweight workouts can be performed anywhere. Nice to see that with OneFit they can be performed in groups, for example at BEAT81 Oud Zuid Amsterdam, De Workout in Utrecht or De Workoutclub Rotterdam.

And social media channels like Instagram and TikTok are of course not only wonderful sources of inspiration but can also serve as a platform to show off your own fitness skills. Which, of course, you will first discover with OneFit.

Stay fit, stay healthy