Trip down memory lane

Talking about bouncing… The Freestyle Motion Rotterdam trampoline hall is 2500m2. Good luck making use of the entire space. Up for the challenge? We’ll give you some options: cartwheels, backflips, flick flacks… Yes, you can definitely release your inner child here. Wanna create more of a workout vibe (we get it, because 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to half an hour of running) then our suggestions are jumping jacks, jump squats, high knee jumps and butt kicks.

Do ya thing

In case it’s still not clear; while freestyle jumping you can do exactly what you want (men, we just love saying that out loud). The other side to that is that you are not accompanied by a teacher. Therefore, you will receive no feedback. And no compliments. Or you might, if you succeed in doing a triple backflip. Good luck with that. Sportswear is mandatory by the way, just like grip socks. You buy those for €2, – and keep ‘em. Their convenient at home as well. Win-win.