Not the USA, but Great Britain is the introducer of this new aquatics (yes, the British keep surprising us). The intention is to stay on the mat (the aquabase) during this workout. But that is quite a challenge due to all the burpees, lunges, squats and planking. That’s right, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your clothes wet. But the result is definitely worth it. During floatfit you’ll use all the muscles in your body and work on building muscle strength, improving your coordination, increasing your stamina and developing flexibility.

Wobbling on water

Good to know: we advise you to wear your swimsuit with shorts and/or a T-shirt on top. Is wobbling on water not really your thing? You can also simply go for some laps in the brand new swimming pool of Zwemcentrum Rotterdam; a 50-meter pool with ten lanes. Ready, set…

Zwemcentrum Rotterdam - Floatfit