Someone wíll fall for you here.

Valentine’s Day…sigh. You might not be celebrating this, but your bae might surprise you. Lucky bastard. For everyone who couldn’t care less about this day, or refuses to hide on the couch in a hoodie today: in these workouts, someone will fall for you and you will be in the mood. Don’t worry: there’s always a teacher to make sure you’re doing it safe.

Hit the floor at apenkooien

As soon as you touch the floor you’re game-over. You might succeed in that, but you will definitely stumble on the other participants. For those who have no clue: apenkooien is playing tag for grown-ups who never want to grow up.

Where can you do this?
Amsterdam: ApenkooiGym
Rotterdam: ApenkooiGym
Den Haag: ApenkooiGym
Utrecht: ApenkooiGym

Let go of your balance at acroyoga

Acroyoga is yoga, the acrobatic way. The workout challenges couples to perform next level balance postures (the ones you see on Instagram). A newbie? Chances are you will kiss the mat a bunch of times. The teacher will help you landing soft and safe.

Where can you do it?
Amsterdam: Rasalia, In Your Elements, The Conscious Club
Rotterdam: DA Dance Studio, Balanzs
Den Haag: Saktiisha
Utrecht: Yoga Moves, Yoga Moves Oost

Do a cannonball in the pool

Or float around in the cannonball area, but don’t fall asleep.
You could also join a workout like aqua jogging or take a free fall.

Where can you do it?
Amsterdam: 6 swimming pools
Rotterdam: 7 swimming pools
Den Haag: 7 swimming pools
Utrecht: Zwembad Safari

Faceplant the mat with martial arts

Fall in love with martial arts. Workouts like (Brazilian) jiu jitsu and MMA boost techniques to bring your opponent to the ground (and vice versa). Go for a submission and grapple with everything you’ve got. It’s a matter of time before both of you will be nose-diving.

Waar doe je ‘t?
Amsterdam: ATC en Sportcentrum Universum
Rotterdam: Oosterbaan en Watson Sports
Den Haag: ARJ-trainingen
Utrecht: Elevation Sports

Take the Spartan fall at trampoline jumping

Kids love to jump air castles, and so do we. Good thing sport instructors came up with a legit reason to never quit jumping trampolines: getting fit. How nice: VROG Amsterdam offers an obstacle-training (with a real Iron Viking and a Ninja Warrior). Changes are high you will bump into a few shoulders at the battlefield.

Where can you do it?
Amsterdam: VROG, Anna Mora, Judy Jump, Jumpsquare
Rotterdam: Jump XL, Freestyle Motion

Get mixed up in an obstacle run whirl

Obstacles are welcome, just not in your love life. Luckily, you can leave them behind at the circuit track for die-hards: the obstacle run. This is where the sport freaks train for mud runs and triathlons. Funny, you’re an athlete at having fun. Hit the dirt and don’t look back.

Where can you do it?
Amsterdam: De Gymzaal (circuit training), Sportholistics en VROG
Rotterdam: De Bunkr, Active Sports
Den Haag: BOK (Bootcamp Obstacle Klub)
Utrecht: Buitengewoon Fit (mudruntraining)