This week we’re getting to know OneFitter Sanne Harland. She has been working out with OneFit for over two and a half years already and checks in for a workout a few times a week. And that’s not all!

Trying out new workouts

Former athlete Sanne has always had a huge variety in her workout schedule. This was also a reason why she started with OneFit, due to the huge variety of workouts.

“I love to try out new workouts. OneFit is the perfect fit! I also love that you can decide when and where you want to work out. This way I can always try every sport I want when I want.”

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Working out with friends

Sanne loves to work out with friends. “A friend told me about OneFit and I got addicted pretty quick.” Right now it’s Sanne convincing friends to give OneFit a try. “I always invite a lot of friends to join a workout via the app. But I also take a look at their workout schedules to find inspiration.” All can be done pretty easily via the OneFit app. Find out how!

Sanne has added ten friends to the app. “These are people I’ve met during a workout or that got met excited about OneFit.”

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Sanne’s favourite workout spots

“I have so many!” LMNTS, Samudra Yoga and Boulderhal de Campus are a few of my favourites. “These locations are a great balance between strength, flexibility and technique.”

OneFit: work out everywhere with one membership

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