A good start of the year comes with a messy house, a hangover and no one to remind you about your New Year’s resolutions. Reflecting on things works well, and you are surely going for the kill this year. But can you breathe for a little too? Yes, you can and you have to. With these workouts, you can escape from your friends and co-workers and their resolutions (while you work on your health low-key).

Sweat it out at the spa

Close your eyes and let it all go at one of the spas. Spa Zuiver, het Kurhaus and Wellcome Wellness Jakarta are a few of the spas in our network. Not in the mood to bump into someone you know? Just duck away in one the sauna’s, steam baths, gym or swimming pool.

Fuel you creative flows

Every week you can challenge your creative process at the scientifically proven workshops from Creative Flow in Amsterdam. They allow you to broaden the view on your life and to simplify goals setting.

Dance it away

Twerk, street dance, dancehall, afro fit, jazz: go shake it off. Focus on the choreography (or on your friend’s face) and feel the pressure to get fit fade. Tip for Amsterdam folks: The Gaga workout at Chasse Dance Studios fits a new start perfectly: this form is based on the idea that dancing works healing.

Hide at the gym

Dive in the gym, preferably one that requires a large bike ride. The further away from your hood, the smaller the chance to bump into someone you know. The gym equipment jungle is the perfect hide-away. Or else: throw a pair of headphones on and watch Southpark on big screen.

Clear your mind with yoga

Start the year clam. Postpone the squatting with heavy kettle bells. Yoga gives new energy, focus and a clear mind. At the same time it strengthens your patience: and your co-workers lived happily ever after.