Early bird taba-what?

Tabata. An all-in full body workout including strength, condition, core and HIIT. 20 seconds of hard work & 10 seconds of rest, in blocks of 4 minutes. The workout lasts a total of 45 minutes. Short, powerful and surprising! It is therefore the most popular workout at Bodyloods. Okay we won’t lie. Maybe the Tabata workout on Saturday morning is not the most popular one, but the Tabata workout in general is! And the location itself? At Bodyloods they’re very social, down to earth, responsible, extremely eager to learn and result-oriented. They will do everything to get you a fit and feisty start of the weekend.

Fun fact

Owner Moes Chraou has been a big deal in the fitness industry for years and is seen as a game changer in the field of personal training / group training in 010 and surroundings. For years, he was the trainer and lifestyle coach of the mayor of Rotterdam, top chefs Herman De Blijker and Francois Geurds and Miss Nederland. He sees Bodyloods as his end station, where he comes up with all workouts himself and also gives (almost) all workouts himself. Yeah, we think Moes is quite awesome.

Early Bird Tabata Bodyloods