Do-In; the way in

For 75 minutes you will focus entirely on the energy in your body. How? By Do-In exercises (pun intended) in which you stretch the energy channels in your body, combined with breathing exercises and pressure point massages. You’ll learn everything about the energy channels that run through your body (meridians). What do they mean? What can you do to keep them healthy? If you are already familiar with yoga, you’ll probably recognize some postures. You’ll only apply them in a different way. Never done yoga before? No worries, you don’t need any knowledge about it. All you need to bring to Helder Yoga is your body. Easy peasy.

Woolly? Give it a try!

So you might be thinking ‘This is way to woolly for me’. Why not give it a try? Helder Yoga is the perfect place to try out your first ‘woolly class’ (your thoughts, not ours). The studio has a super relaxed atmosphere. You can totally be yourself. Super yogi or CrossFit boss, it doesn’t matter. By the way… Are you a little hot-headed afterwards and thinking ‘I knew it! This was só not my thing’? Well, then you can cool off that hot head of yours at the beach of Scheveningen. Because that’s right around the corner!