Cryotherapy is not a new invention. In fact, people have been doing it for centuries; willingly exposing their body to extreme cold to become healthier. The same (but a better known) concept is the cold plunge pool. Cryotherapy uses this principle in a different way; by stepping into a whole body cryo cabin. So you’ll step into that freezing room at Freezlab, and then what?

  • The nerve endings in your skin get a bit nervous (pun intended);
  • Because of this, your blood flows faster and retreats to the vital organs in your core;
  • Your blood temperature may rise up to 40°C;
  • The feverish temperature combats viruses in our blood, like it does when you’ve got the flu;
  • Your body pumps hormones and enzymes into the bloodstream in order to promote recovery;
  • Because of the oxygen-rich environment in the cabin, the oxygen level in your blood increases and encourages damaged tissue to heal faster.

And then…

All of that happens within 3 minutes and then you can leave the cabin. If you want, you can take a seat in the lounge or have some fun jumping on one of the Bellicon trampolines (of course you’re gonna do that – it’s fun). Of course you can also return to the changing rooms to get dressed immediately. And then… the result! Say hello to faster recovery after exercise or injuries, an enhanced immune system, a nicer and tighter skin, better sleep and more relaxation. And goodbye to pain, acne and cellulite.

Some practical info

We bet you’re wondering about a few things. Like if you have to go into that cabin naked. Let’s get to some practical info then. For your first session, it is best if you are present 10 minutes early, so you can fill in the intake form and have your blood pressure measured. About what you need to wear: bring a bathrobe or something else to keep yourself warm and covered before and after you enter the cabin (you can also rent one for €5,-). And in the cabin? Men: swimming trunks or shorts. Women: swimsuit/bikini or sports shorts and top. Freezlab will provide you with socks, slippers, a facemask, earmuffs and gloves. That’s right; no naked buns here. You can save that for the sauna.

Freezlab - cryotherapy