A playground for grown-ups

Calisthenics is derived from the Greek language; ‘Kalos’ stands for beautiful and ‘Sthénos’ means strength. This sport (which is over thousands of years old – yes, really) is all about mastering your weight in every angle and pose. The movements are based on balance, flexibility and strength. So, what is it that you do exactly? Think of a playground for adults, while using the equipment in the gym. You’ll swing and climb, as well as doing pull-ups, muscle-ups and the hand stand. Still got no idea what we’re talking about? Take a look at this video of Dutch world champion Melanie Driessen.

Challenge yourself

Definitely a workout where your limits will be pushed. Both physically and mentally. Are you now thinking: no f*cking way I can do this? No worries, there are different options for each level. And of course you’ll get help from the experienced Sky Health trainers. And don’t forget: practice makes perfect.