It’s a never-ending battle about whether it’s ‘good’ or not to work out before going to bed… He says he can’t sleep afterwards because he’s completely pumped up with endorphins, she says she sleeps like a baby. Hey y’all, go figure it out for yourselves. Wanna know why we think it is nice to work out later in the evening?

1. You can de-stress and clear your head after a long day (yes, don’t try to deny you use the – now almost forbidden – word busy a lot);
2. You have all the time in the world, because you don’t have to go anywhere else (except to bed);
3. You usually have more energy than when you work out fifteen minutes after you rolled out of bed.

HIIT & strength + fun boxing

So no need to get up early on Wednesday or Friday morning (or at least don’t have problems with getting up early)? Then try the ‘before bed workout sessions’ from Legend Fitness & Health. On Tuesday evenings you can follow the HIIT & strength workout from 9 to 10 PM and on Thursday evening the fun boxing workout from 9 to 10 PM. Believe us, teacher Delano knows perfectly well what he is doing (to you). After this, all you’ll want is some sleep.