Cirque du Soleil

No worries, no need to dress like an acrobat during this workout. But teacher Arash wíll help you learn the techniques and principles of Cirque du Soleil. During this handstand workout at Calisthenics United you work on your flexibility, strength, balance, grip techniques and tilting techniques. Oh, and the execution of it of course. After all, you do want to look cool while doing it. Dangling legs not allowed.

Get challenged

Arash is the perfect teacher for this workout; patient, clear, open and encouraging. Never done a handstand before (now we’re worried about where and how you were raised)? No need to worry, he will explain it to you step by step. But he also challenges you when he thinks you’ve got more to give. Hey, that’s what you want right? You must rock that handstand when you challenge your friends from kindergarten. Plan that reunion!