Bag training

So at PMB personal training, no bag training is like the other, but one thing is the same for sure: you’ll be exhausted afterwards. In a good way though. One day it’s all about tactics, another day about techniques and yet another day you’ll be practicing with your workout buddy a lot. Exactly, that is why you should go here often! In between all boxing exercises you’ll work on your fitness and strength as well. Squats, core exercises, push-ups… You’ll get those extras for free (you’re welcome). And that little bit of energy that’s left afterwards? You’ll use that to throw some punches at your bag. Feel free to apply all techniques you’ve learned.

Thank Patrick later

Let’s talk about the man who makes all of this possible: Patrick. As a personal trainer and former professional athlete, he definitely knows what to do and what’s best for you. Patrick keeps a close eye on you during the bag training (for your own good, you know) and makes sure you’ll learn the very best boxing techniques. Yeah, we’ll definitely listen to Patrick with his ten years of experience in this sport. For sure.