Understandable; we are in the middle of a global pandemic, after all, and if your workout routine took a back seat you aren’t the only one 🙂

It can be challenging after a hiatus to get back out there and immediately slay those high-intensity bootcamp classes. So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled some tips to ease you back into that workout routine and plan plenty of cool stuff in our app.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Speaks for itself!
Did you know it takes 18 days to form a habit and 66 days for it to become automatic? With a schedule, you develop healthy habits easily. You’ll be back into a nice rhythm in no time.

Write down your goals, set your intentions. What’s realistic for you? Where can it fit in? Why are you doing it? The clearer you are with yourself, the more practical, enjoyable, and accessible it becomes.

Low on energy or a busy day? You could plan a short workout. Maybe 30 minutes of open training, or a nice restorative yoga class. Don’t overdo it: if you demand too much of yourself too soon, you’re more likely to drop the healthy habit you’re forming. Slow and steady!

Set realistic goals

Reach for the stars to fall on the moon. That’s how the quote goes, right? The moment the rules you set yourself become too strict is the moment that it’s no longer enjoyable. Start slowly – your body needs to re-adjust.

The key here is, as mentioned above, slow and steady. It’s better to begin with 2-3 challenging, but not intense, workouts per week rather than 1 crazy HIIT bootcamp. Also, if you dive straight in with HIIT you’ll be having muscle pain for days.

Experiencing self-built success releases endorphins just as much as working out does 😏. Workout 1 – tick. Workout 2 – tick. Workout 18 – tick. And there’s your formed habit.

Exercising together: it’s a date!

Working out together is always more fun than alone! No, really; we can’t say it enough. You motivate each other, cheer each other on, and often unknowingly compete against each other a little bit. Check in together; you’ll be less likely to cancel your workout too.

Did you know you can invite your buddy to a workout in the app? Check each other’s schedule in the app and do your workouts together. How cool!

No motivation? Think about those endorphins

You know it already: that rush of satisfaction after your workout. POW!! The adrenaline, your high heart rate, and the endorphins that you create during exercise give you the feeling of epicness! YES!!

If you don’t feel like it, think about it this way: at some point today you’re gonna flop onto the couch. Let it be a satisfying post-workout flop rather than the flop of regret.

Listen to your body

Ah, good morning muscle pain! Gah. Nice for when you want to be reminded of the fact that you recently slayed a workout. But muscle pain is also a sign that your body is in recovery and it is always good to listen to it.

First of all, stretching is very important before and especially after exercise. It repairs and gives your muscles rest and above all, the necessary relaxation to rebuild.

Have you ever taken a yin yoga class? In a yin yoga class, you hold particular poses for 3-5 minutes. Holding poses that gently lengthen your muscles and fascia helps to break up stiffness. As you hold a yin pose, the subtle release that takes you deeper into the pose is the tissues lengthening, hydrating, and becoming more pliable.

Check out some of our partners that offer yin yoga classes by choosing the ‘yin yoga’ option on our in-app drop-down menu.

Secondly, focus your diet around muscle recovery. The more protein you add to your diet, the more you’re feeding your muscle recovery. This way you can achieve the results you like with minimal soreness, stiffness, and stress.

Eat plenty of plants, kick-start your workout with healthy pre-workout snacks, and eat a protein and carbohydrate-rich meal shortly after exercising. You will notice that with the right nutrition and conscious recovery, you’ll reduce muscle pain and improve your results in no time.

Let’s get back to sports!