For those who missed the entire Apenkooi hype; it is the ultimate combination of sweat & joy (and that just happens to be our OneFit motto). Run, jump, fly, fall, get up and continue. You’ll play oldskool games like tag, dodgeball or crab soccer. With balls that are bigger than you. Okay, maybe not since you’re all grown up now.

ApenkooiGym special: bring your bestie

Of course you can go to ApenkooiGym to play a sesh of Apenkooi every week, but this Friday will be even more fun. You can bring your bestie to this special workout on Friday from 7.00-8.30 PM. Not your OneFit buddy this time, but someone who doesn’t have a membership. And it gets even better; afterwards we’ll go for some drinks at café BLIJ. Snacks are on us!

How to join?

As a OneFitter you can book your spot for book you spot for this workout here. Your +1 can sign up by sending an e-mail to Easy peasy. Hurry up, because we’ve only got 20 OneFit spots to give!