Amsterdam Dance Event is almost here! That means: partying till you drop (well, for us at least). Can’t wait until next week? During the aerial flow workout at BodyFlow you’ll get quite a comparable experience: good music, dancing and lots of fun. You can take ‘dance till you drop’ very literally, since you’re up in the air.

Life is better upside down

In this bohemian studio, it’s all about dancing and acrobatics. BodyFlow’s motto? Life is better upside down! During the aerial flow workout you learn about flows, how to build strength and how to gracefully move up in the air. A typical workout looks like this: you’ll start by warming-up with graceful movements, next you’ll do some exercises focused on condition and then you gradually learn different exercises in the cloths.

Aerial Dance Event (ADE)

Easy? Don’t think so. That’s why little experience with cloths, hoops or something like that is a big advantage when you want to take part in this class. At the end, all moves are combined into a flow on music. Awesome, right? We thought so too. Dancing in a club during ADE is nothing compared to it!