(Don’t) take your breath away

Breathing is part of your autonomic nervous system and goes more or less automatically. However, you don’t always breathe in the same way (if you do in case of enormous stress/anxiety/sadness, we find it very capable of you). Tip: breathing exercises. You can use them to reduce stress, focus on your thoughts and take control of your inner self. The more you take the time to observe your breath and do these exercises, the stronger your concentration will become.

Focus, focus, focus

And let that be very convenient when doing yoga. Because breathing the right way is extra challenging if you are focussing on a complicated yoga position or want to maintain a certain flow. This workout at Yoga Point is therefore specifically focused on breathing, but postures are used to create more space in your body to breathe. After this, we bet you’ll never be out of breath. All right, at least not during yoga. 😉