This week, you’re running along with the workouts of Demi Zuur. She’s the definition of a social animal. Demi does not only work out to go hard – she also wants to have a good time. A life without her #onefitbuddies. Nope. That’s not in Demi’s vocabulary.


“By working out with friends, it becomes a social get-together. I often grab a bite with one of my #onefitbuddies after the workout or go for some groceries with her. We’ll drive to the workout together, so we can complain about our sore muscles. Sometimes we even share our new sportswear with each other”, Demi lets us know.

Her favourite friend-friendly workout? “Anything, really”. But if she has to choose, Demi goes with boxing. “You’ll often do bag training, which really forces you to work together. It’s perfect for motivating each other even more.”

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Getting convinced

We’ve told you before about all the benefits of working out with your friends. If there’s one person who knows all about this, it must be Demi:

“Because all of the people around me who use OneFit, I get that little bit of extra motivation I need. When a friend invites me to a HIIT class, while I really don’t feel like it, she still convinces me. After such a workout I feel happy and satisfied.”

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Working out together is way more fun

Using the friend feature in the app is easy peasy. But how does it work when put into practice? Demi uses the friend feature like this:

“I use the friend feature to invite my friend to workouts. I also like the fact that you can see if a particular friend is going to a workout. Sometimes, that makes it easier to pick a certain workout. Besides that, working out with friends is way more fun: you’re together and have the opportunity to catch up.”

Also, some of Demi’s long lost friendships were revived. Some existing friendships got lifted to a whole other level.

“Sometimes, when you’re talking to people, you find out they’re also using OneFit. Next thing you know, you added each other as friends in the app and before you know it, you’re breaking a sweat together. There are so many people I get to see on a regular basis now because of OneFit.”

So, there you have it: a buddy-workout with OneFit benefits all. If you ask Demi, your friendship levels will reach sky-high levels, your motivation will go through the roof and – if you’re lucky – you can even double up on your workout wardrobe. Not sure yet? Maybe our little present can convince you.

Even more sneak peeks

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll meet even more OneFitters and you’re about to explore how they make use out of their Original or Lite membership. Curious? Keep track of our blog and Instagram!