Your own mini winter Olympics

It doesn’t matter how many tracks you’ll skate, but just go ice skating this winter. Besides that nostalgic feeling it creates, ice skating is a really intense workout. Make sure to end the day with gluhwein or hot chocolate (with cream); the recipe for that actual holiday feeling. You can visit the Jaap Eden IJsbaan in Amsterdam daily. Check the opening hours for OneFitters in the app.

Swim, dive, glide. Repeat.

Back in the days, we didn’t want to do anything else than hang in the swimming pool. Accidentally zipping water in the wave pool, sliding with your bathing suit between your butt cheeks or falling as a plank from the dive tower. Go for an old skool swim at Zwembad Safari (Utrecht), De Wilgenring (Rotterdam), Het Hofbad (The Hague) or go Indoor Cliff Diving (Amsterdam).

Take a winter walk

Put on your thickest coat, pull your hat over your ears and pull up your gloves as high as possible. Brave that cold as a worthy michelin man with a nice winter walk. One whereby you’ll practice mindfulness at the same time: Offline Mindfulness Den Haag or Powerwalk&Meer in Amsterdam.

Release your inner tiger

Do you rather stay indoors? Cycle really quick to the boulder hall (climbing hall) and stay the rest of the afternoon inside. We guarantee you: you can stay here for hours. When it’s not because of your hunt for the right route and making it to the ‘top’, it’s because of the good beers and bitterballs. The Hague: Boulderhal De Campus of Klimmuur De Uithof. Rotterdam: Neoliet. Utrecht: Neoliet of Boulderhal Energiehaven. Amsterdam: Mountain Network.

Golf with a view

A view that you probably haven’t had much often: the golf course. Especially when the grass is frozen, the view is breathtaking. It definitely feels like a holiday. So wear your prettiest diamond shaped clothes and go for a golf class to Fairway in Amsterdam.

Steam and daydream

It might not be a workout, but there’s nothing better than chilling in the sauna for hours(!). Blow off your steam of 2018 at Wellcome Wellness Fashion hotel or Jakarta hotel (Amsterdam), the Kurhaus (The Hague) or at Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring (Rotterdam).