Three of our OneFit Presents teachers share their workout secrets with you in this blog and give you tips on how to make your home workout a party. You probably know Shady Lady (Rebecca) from her retro Aerobics classes, Taylor from her intense Barre workouts, and your booty probably remembers LouZen (Malou) and her burning booty classes too!

These power women have quite some discipline when it comes to staying fit and their workout routines. So read on for their favorite workouts, healthy tips, and the best workout tunes. Curious about the best up-and-coming workouts or in for some routine tips? Keep reading.

Tip 1: Workouts that you’re wild about at the moment

Malou: “I’m totally inspired by boxing yoga and Buti yoga!” The latter is really upcoming indeed and you can already try it in Haarlem with OneFit Presents: Buti Yoga. Shady Lady adds: “I think Cher’s Fitness Workouts are the bomb. She does Hot Dance, Step Fitness and floor exercises, it’s hilarious and well… it’s freakin’ Cher!”.

In addition, for Taylor, it’s extra important to have fun: “I absolutely love workouts with a high fun-factor. Workouts at cool, exclusive locations are also awesome, and because of Corona, I was able to realize my “Wine Barre” and “Happy Hour Barre” classes. Who would’ve ever thought that!

Now that all the bars and clubs are closed, this is really the best solution to still have a little fun.” That’s why Taylor hosts a Club or Party Special almost every week through OneFit at a cool location; if you can’t go to the club, we’ll bring the club to you! Follow us on socials to never miss a special.

Tip 2: You need music for the best club feeling. What’s your favorite workout track or playlist at the moment?

Taylor laughs: “I have way too many favorite tracks! Do I have to choose? Haha. Check out my OneFit Presents: Taylor Made Barre playlist on Spotify, I’ve already added a lot of my faves to that. In addition, I think the “Fire in the Winter” list is super chill.” For LouZen, her favorite workout track is clear: “Level Up by Ciara (who doesn’t know it?). Really a good song for some booty bouncing!”.

We don’t really need to ask Shady Lady, anyone who knows her classes knows she loves disco: “Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive. But I actually like everything, as long as it’s disco and retro.” Check out her playlist on our Spotify account! It’ll get your feet off the floor for sure.

Tip 3: I’d learn this sport now if I could

Malou: “It’s not so much a sport, but I would love to be able to do a loose handstand and a scorpion pose at yoga.” We get it! Those are fun goals to advance in your yoga practice. Taylor has other ideas: “I see so many people rollerblading and skating since the lockdown, now that seems like something I’d really like to try.” And it is corona proof too ;-).

For Shady Lady, it remains a bit in her own expertise, which is dancing: “Vogue Dancing by Shiva from Spirit n’ Roses seems like a really cool thing to master now.” Are you inspired yet?

Tip 4: Share your favorite tips to stay fit at home

“That’s quite a few!” Shady Lady jokes. “I think it’s important to meditate a lot too, so I can create peace in my mind and prevent my apartment from getting too small for me. In addition, working out to your favorite music is really a must, no matter what workout it is.

Listen to your body, do what feels best, and don’t push yourself too much. Everything at your pace. And yes, classes that are not only intense but also fun (*aka my classes 🙋🏼‍♀️) make it all a little easier to stick to a routine.”

Taylor adds her tips too: “A routine is important. Make a workout plan for yourself and stick to it. You’ll see that it’s much easier to get out of bed get your workouts done if you’ve made a mental commitment with yourself!

What also helps me, is doing a workout with a friend or colleague (online). You can motivate each other and together everything is more fun!” Did you know that with OneFit you can invite buddies to workouts through the app? Try it 🙌🏽.

Malou agrees here: “Summer bodies are made in winter, so start now and make a routine for yourself. You’ll thank yourself when summer’s here! It’s not gifted to you. I see exercise as a form of relaxation: clearing your head and rewarding yourself with a workout. It’s not only good for your body but your head benefits as well!

Tip 5: You’re going to do thése workouts once the gyms open again:

“Strength and power workouts,” says Malou. “It’s time to start throwing weights again, haha! That doesn’t go so well at home anyway. I love going to the gym and doing my own thing!”. Great thing that with OneFit there are also endless possibilities for Open Training.

For Shady Lady, the focus remains mainly on dancing (and we get it!): “Vogue, House Dance, and Vinyasa Yoga are back on the schedule for me. I will just continue with the things I like most: moving to music and keeping my body strong”.

And last but not least tip 6: how do you stay positive during lockdown?

“Pff, tricky huh. But that’s where I come back to my motivational tips,” says Shady Lady. “Meditating, exercising, and motivational music help tremendously.” “And always keep smiling!”, adds Malou. “Make a party out of every workout, even if it’s in the living room. Join a challenge, meet up with a buddy to keep moving and think solutions, not problems!”

Taylor can only agree. Besides it being super fun when you take her online classes, of course, she says, “Connect with others. Do the same workouts together (remotely) and find social connections with each other that way. It helps enormously! It’s also great fun for us teachers if you post about it afterward or tag each other on social media – that way you stay connected and we can experience it a bit too, even if we don’t see you during the workout!”

Curious about these ladies’ classes? Check them out in the app or on the website and book a workout right away!

Stay fit, stay healthy