What everybody does have are water bottles, flower pots, a couch or a sturdy coffee table. How handy if you can use them as props for your next home workout!

Use water (or wine 😏) bottles as weights

Haven’t you been able to score any dumbbells because they’re sold out everywhere or would you rather use an alternative? That’s possible! You can use water bottles of different sizes or contents as weights. The fuller, the heavier. So if you are going to do a HIIT or CrossFit® workout, for example, challenge yourself with extra weight in the form of water bottles. Are you a real die-hard? Then try it with water containers or full shopping bags. Guaranteed muscle pain!

A chair or kitchen step is thé perfect workout box

Do you like to do box jumps or other step exercises during a circuit or CrossFit® workout? Chances are you don’t have such a big box at home. Alternatively, you can use a sturdy chair (make sure it doesn’t slip away…) or a kitchen step. Of course, you can determine the height yourself, even a wall or garden box can be sufficient. Be creative!

No jump rope in the house? Get the garden hose…

Jumping ropes is super good for your condition. It also builds up your mobility. And you can do it in many places! Don’t you have a skipping rope in the house? Grab the garden hose… Yeah, really. Just demarcate it from the end to the length you need and jump! A normal rope, long cable (hello old HDMI) or other props also work.

Do you want to do Russian Twists? Use a thick book!

For some workouts, you need certain weight plates, such as for the Russian Twist. Of course, you can do it without, but the challenge is in weights. Time to dust off that bookshelf and get that huge atlas out! A large and/or thick book can perfectly serve as a weight plate. Don’t you have thick books? Stack them!

Use a towel as a slider

Do you want to take your planning game to the next level? You can, even at home! All you need is a towel (or two). Stand in the planking position and slide your legs towards your hands at the same time by pushing your butt up. This way you increase the intensity of a normal plank. You can also make it even more exciting by using two towels, one under each foot and pulling your knees alternately towards your elbows. Kind of like mountain climbers, but different.

Do dips on a chair or the edge of the bathtub

Do you want to train your biceps at home? Do it with dips on the edge of the bathtub or a chair. Sit with your back to it and put your hands on the edge. Make sure your arms are 90 degrees and lower your arms until your bottom almost touches the ground. Then push yourself up again – and so on! The more your feet are away from your body, the harder the exercise will be. Good luck!

Looking for some balance? A pillow offers the solution

Grab a pillow from your couch and do some exercises on it, like squats. You’ll see that the extra balance exercise will tighten your core even more. This way you will not only work on your balance, but your deeper muscles will also be trained. The muscle pain comes with it free of charge. Plus your sense of balance will thank you!

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