Running, climbing, crawling, jumping

We are a huge fan of Mud Masters, the running event that’s usually on real marine storm tracks, where participants encounter various obstacles along the way. Think: the splash jump (jump from a great height into the water), the pipe runner (hop, into that quarter pipe), monkey bars (swinging like a monkey to the other side) and the infamous trenches (slide through the mud, hell yeah). Mud Masters is now organizing its first indoor edition, in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. No cold and mud, but a course of 5 or 10 KM (your choice) with all-round workout zones and obstacles. Including DJ, street food and a large bar. Yasss!

OneFit x Mud Masters

Enthusiastic? Then you want to hear this. We’ve got a nice collab with Mud Masters. We’re giving away 10 x 2 tickets for the event! Check our Facebook post if you want to participate. Want to buy tickets right now? Check out the Mud Masters website.

Yes, you can!

Hey, we’re not done yet. Because what is an obstacle run without proper preparation? That is why we’ve put together the coolest workouts in your city to prepare yourself. Check it out.

1. F45 training at F45 The Bridge –  this workout alternates its focus between cardio and strength. You better train both!

2. Bootcamp at Bootcamp Team Den Haag – a good old bootcamp in the open air is always a good preparation for an obstacle run.

3. Check out Yoga4Running – the yoga exercises, specifically aimed at runners, create strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints. Win!

4. Power Sled | Sleeptraining at LMNTS – this one prepares you for specific obstacles. Let’s go!

5. WOD at CrossFit Den Haag – every day, this workout is a surprise, but you can count on being challenged here no matter what!