Christmas workout on December 25th

Bootcamp Christmas Special @ Bootcamp Team Den Haag – December 25th 10:00
Is your hope to stay fit during Christmas already lost before Christmas Eve has even started? If you book your spot at Bootcamp Team The Hague, we promise that you’ll be fine this year. Check the OneFit app, because you can work out at different locations at 10 AM.

Christmas workouts on December 26th

Bootcamp Christmas Special @ Bootcamp Team Den Haag – December 26th 9:30 & 10:00
They just keep on going at Bootcamp Team Den Haag. And yes, we think you’re a real tough girl/boy if you go both days.

Christmas Hatha class @ Helder Yoga – December 26th 10:00
Helder Yoga teaches an extra long hatha class (one and a half hours) this day. A good moment for some me-time during the Christmas rush. So, before you join your umpteenth Christmas brunch or dinner… yoga!

Christmas WOD @ CrossFit Den Haag – December 26th 11:00
CrossFit Den Haag has multiple WOD’s on their schedule this day, but only one Christmas WOD. So it must be super special, right? Christmas songs not included. Or are they…?