We really believe that working out together has become the new couch time. Therefore, bringing your buddy gets rewarded! And here’s how.

1. You’re way more exploratory together

Want to go try pole dancing, but just not by yourself? Do you need a motivational partner in crime to make it to the end of the bootcamp class? Or do you just want to spend your Sunday afternoon in a sauna, rather with someone than alone? That’s what friends are for! Also, some classes can only be booked together with friends, such as squash or padel. So team up and get all the barriers out of the way!

2. Working out with friends makes you fitter

It’s a fact: people who work out with friends not only get more fun out of movement, they also work out more often and therefore are much fitter. So share the funky gyms and studios you’ve already discovered so your friends can join you!

3. You get inspired by your friend’s schedule

In case you’re in need of some inspiration instead of motivation: spy on your friend’s schedule. Your friends have the best recommendations! You can find the schedules by clicking on your friend’s name under ‘friends’ in your account. None there? Below you can find how to add friends.

4. You can save money when you bring in friends

When you make a friend join OneFit, your friend receives a €20 discount on his first month. As a paying member you also get rewarded; with a €10 discount on your next period to be exact. This only applies when your friend becomes a member with your unique link. You can find your friend invite link on your account page in the app or under Invite friends on the website. Share the love!

*See our FAQ and read everything you need to know about our referral discount.

How to invite your friends to the same class:

  • First, you have to become real OneFit friends. So go to your account and click on ‘Friends’.
  • Click on ‘Add friends’ and search for their names.
  • Can’t find them? Make sure they tick the privacy settings box (‘visible to receive friend invites’) in their own account settings.
  • Now we wait for them to accept your friend invite. You’ll get a push notification when they did.
  • The next step is booking a class you want to attend with your friend. After making your reservation, the friend icon becomes visible next to the map icon. Click on the button and choose the friend you want to work out with.  
  • You’ll receive a push notification when your friend accepted the workout invite.
  • Now it’s time for some sweat and joy!