2e Kerstdag buitenspelen @ Natuurlijksportief – December 26th  09:30

Translated: playing outside on the second day of Christmas. We bet you’ll love doing this in between all the Christmas obligations. Run, jump, climb, carry; but without schedules or rules. It’s the perfect workout after that boring dinner your boy-/girlfriend’s cousin hosted the night before.

Christmas training @ Bootcamp Team Rotterdam – December 26th 10:00

We can’t promise you’re gonna lift Christmas trees and use Christmas ornaments as kettlebells. But we can promise that afterwards you’ll be totally fit and ready to join your sixth Christmas brunch. P.S. The Bootcamp Team Rotterdam workout is outside.

X-mas workout @ DPFC Gym & Dance – December 26th 10:30

Do you need an excuse to not go that umpteenth Christmas breakfast/brunch/dinner? Here it is. A real Christmas workout at DPFC Gym & Dance. You’re welcome.